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Understand your Personal Credit Health to make informed decisions

Credit Health is more than just an indication of your ability to leverage on favourable terms. It plays a part in obtaining that dream job, pursuing your favourite hobby as well as relationships.

Credit Health forms an integral part of one’s well-being. It is a state of knowing and making the best of the available and relevant credit facilities to manage what you want out of life, whether that is spending more time with your loved ones, or pursuing your favourite hobby, without letting the credit facilities be a liability to your lifestyle and well-being.

Similar to a physical health check-up, a regular assessment of your credit health is vital to the maintenance of your financial credibility. It is also recommended that advice is sought to optimise one’s credit health.

At Ren Consultancy, we can assist you in Credit Health Analysis and Debt Advisory. We provide diagnosis on your credit health and create an action plan that can help you in making informed decisions on credit and debt.

Workshops are also available to equip participants with basic understanding of Credit Health to improve lifestyle and productivity.