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About Ren Consultancy

Manage your future, Know your credit

Ren Consultancy recognises the increasing importance of credit health in Singapore, where most of the population is dependent on credit facilities such as credit cards, cash advance, vehicle loans, housing loans, bridging loans and renovation loans. While such credit facilities create some convenience and enhance our lives, it is crucial that we understand our personal credit standings so that we can have better control over our daily lives and not let these facilities be a liability to our lifestyle and well-being.

Supported by Credit Bureau Singapore, Ren Consultancy strives to increase the awareness on the importance of having our credit health checked regularly to be aware of our creditworthiness, as well as to protect against possible fraudulent use of personal details to obtain credit.

Through workshops and personal consultations, Ren Consultancy hopes to inculcate a culture of credit health awareness among Singaporeans.