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Personal Consultation


Credit management is one of the fundamentals to creating a stable financial future. Ren Consultancy's personal credit health consultation can assist you in:

  • Understanding your Credit Bureau Singapore credit reports

    Your Credit Bureau report is a record of your credit payment history compiled from banks and major financial institutions. Every month, payment performance data is uploaded by the banking and finance industry to Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS).

    Your credit file will include information such as loan payment performance as reported by the financial institutions. Such informations are used by other financial institutions in the assessment process for any credit facilities you may apply for, or for review of such existing facilities.

    Ren Consultancy can assist you in explaining and understanding the different sections of the report, helping you make sense of your report. We will also advise actions to take if there is any discrepancies e.g., erroneous data, fraud.

  • Diagnosis of your Credit Health

    The first step in evaluating your credit health is to understand what your credit bureau report says about your current creditworthiness. Our consultants will be explaining your queries such as possible reasons for unfavourable credit score, rejection of loans applied and higher interest rates. We will also conduct an assessment on your existing commitments versus your disposable income and identity issues pertaining to your credit health status.

    An understanding of your credit health forms the basis of all future decisions including your money management facilities and lifestyle.

  • Personalised Credit Health Improvement Action Plan

    Based on your financial circumstances, our consultants will prepare a personalised action plan with appropriate measures and resolution strategies that you may use to manage your financial credibility more effectively and improve your credit health over time. When necessary, we will also suggest the relevant agencies/authorities whose attention is required for support on your financial issues.

Confidentiality: Information provided will be kept private and confidential.